Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Creepy Tunnel

While planning out my scarecrow picture book, I took a lot of outdoor photos to get ideas for illustrations. Originally I had intended to use these pictures as direct references, but they ended up being more like aesthetic inspirations.

There was one place, though, that I did try to draw directly. Near my house is a road that has this odd tunnel running underneath it made from a corrugated metal tube. It’s not a long tunnel- only about 20 feet- and it leads right into a pleasant neighborhood. But there’s something very eerie about it.  Even if it’s too short to hide a monster clown or a slender man, it definitely seems like a place that would be haunted.

Approaching the tunnel. Yep, definitely not haunted.

It's not a very long tunnel. Just long and dark enough to MAYBE hide one boogeyman if he crouched down really small.

Walking through the tunnel.

I did a few versions of the tunnel for my scarecrow book, and while I’m not completely satisfied with the end result, I think it fits the aesthetic of the book.

I definitely want to take another crack at illustrating this tunnel and evoking that creepy feeling it gives me. Keep a look out for it in future artwork!