Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Two Sentence Winter(?) Horror Stories

I really enjoy crafting these little two-sentence snippets of horror. It's quite the mental exercise. Like my previous horror post, these stories were inspired by autumn-themed pictures I'd taken. Technically autumn is over, but it doesn't feel like winter since there's barely been any snow. So this is Extended Autumn, I suppose.

Granville, MA 7:34 AM
Now that its season has passed, this nameless, peripatetic phantasm must vacate its jack-o-lantern host. With an oozing, languid crawl, it emerges to begin its annual migratory circuit through the cellars, attics, closets, and crawlspaces of the sleeping town. 


Pomfret Center, CT 5:46 PM
A murmuration of starlings swarmed over my head, undulating like a formless aerial titan, and descended upon the Burlap Man that had been following me. There was a ragged gurgling and when the birds flew away, all that remained of my pursuer was a pile of sticky leaves and a shred of sackcloth bearing a red, crayon-drawn eye.


Hartford, CT 1:05 PM
When the townsfolk finally caught the vampire, they cut him in half lengthwise- as was the custom at that time- and buried his still screaming body under the road. They did not understand his final curse until the trees on the side of the road facing his open wound began to bleed.


Woodstock Valley, CT 9:46 PM
It was the first full moon after we buried the werewolf’s skin under that gnarled, tumorous maple on the edge of the bog. As the corpse-white orb rose through the trees’ skeletal branches, I clasped Eurydice’s hand and listened to the sound of pustules popping on its bark, followed by dozens of faint, wet howls.


Wassaic, NY 5:21 PM
I could only stand frozen with fear as the Skinless Man floated out of the tunnel and placed something in my hand. When he finally evaporated, I looked down to find I was holding a doll's eye with a single white worm writhing in the hazel-gray sclera.

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